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 Medusa is a creative and friendly place to pursue your passion for   music .  I have been involved in music my entire life. In my early years I focused more on performing . I was able to master a few different instruments and settled on drums.I played in quite a few rock bands during that time. As things progressed I got more interested in writing my original music and started to pursue producing and recording. I started recording others and bringing different combinations of people together to make my recordings. It was the early ninties and I was working out of a pretty nice home studio at that time.

  Fast forward : My current job as a recording engineer and producer is awesome and I really enjoy what I do.I am the owner of "Medusa Audio Tampering" in Youngstown OH. I especially enjoy working with bands and artists, helping them with pre-production, and then capturing the sound in my studio. I prefer to work out of my own studio "Medusa" because I built it from the ground up and the rooms sound amazing. I embrace all types of technology and I have the best of both analog and digital tools to capture your performance.  My services range from pre-production consultation, tracking, editing and mixing, song and beat creation, and mastering. I dont take on all clients and all projects presented to me. I do pick and choose the projects that I feel are the best fit for myself,the artist,and my studio.

Give me a call If you think I might be a good fit for your project.

    In the year 2000, I moved from upstate NY to Tempe AZ with the intention of building my 2nd recording studio from the ground up. I leased a warehouse space and  I constructed the "EastSide Mansion" studio. I also attended the Conservatory Of Recording Arts and Sciences during that time. The Conservatory was a good experience and I learned a lot more about audio recording. I also made many new friends. I continued to operate my Tempe studio for eight years and recorded hundreds of  talented artists and bands during that time. My clients were local, national, and from the UK.

    In 2008 I fully realized that I had outgrown my studio and I wanted something larger. After an exhausting search, life had led me to a 16,000 S/F mansion in Youngstown OH. The building was the perfect spot for my new studio.The mansion was a little out of my price range but I made a purchase offer and it was accepted. I started construction on a four studio complex in early 2009.

Hit me up if you think I would be a good fit for your project,and if you would like a tour of the studios. 

William Ferraro                                                                            Medusa Audio Tampering ,Youngstown OH                                    480-213-3327                     Medusa Audio Tampering 480-213-3327